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MC ADE – Nightmare on ADE St. (Melô do cachorro II)
Tracklist A1-Nightmare on ADE St. (vocal) B1-Nightmare On ADE St. (Iistrumental) B2-Nightmare on A.D.E. St. (Bonus Beat)
MC ADE – Bass Mechanic (1986)(melô do cachorro I)
Tracklisting: A Bass Mechanic B1 Bass Mechanic (Instrumental) B2 Bass Mechanic (Bonus Bass)
MC ADE – How Much Can You Take (sexta feira 13) part 1
01 GO A.D.E. 02 How Much Can You Take 03 To The Fan’s 04 Sex, Crime, Drugs 05 Hit Harder 06 Train 07 A.D.E. Got It Going On 08 Lyric Licking 09 Money [...]