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Palmerforce Two – Street Wars (1984)
Tracklist A-Street Wars (Vocal Version) B-Street Wars (Dub Version)
Young & Restless – Poison Ivy (melo da venenosa)
Tracklist A1 Poison Ivy (Radio Version) A2 Poison Ivy (Street Mix) B1 Poison Ivy (E.G. Mix) B2 Poison Ivy (P-Man Mix)
gigolo tony – shake your pants.
Tracklist A1 Shake Your Pants (5:51)Scratches – Cut Master Crash A2 I Want You (3:58) B1 Shake Your Pants (Street Version) (5:51)Scratches – [...]
Gucci Crew II – Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Melô do boquete)
Tracklist A1- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Radio Mix) A2- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Big Mix) B1- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Street Mix) B2- Truz [...]
gucci crew II – sally ”that girl (Melô do Bebado)
Tracklist A1- gucci crew – sally ”that girl (club mix) A2- gucci crew – sally ”that girl (radio mix) B1- gucci crew – sally [...]
P.O.L.O. Crew – Polo’s In Effect (Melô do Velório)
Tracklist A1 Black Image (Wish Mix) A2 Black Image (Street Mix) B1 Polo’s In Effect (Bass Mix) B2 Polo’s In Effect (Double Oh-Oh Mix)
Queen T – Pump That Thang (1990)
Tracklist A1- Pump That Thang (Funkytown House Mix) A2- Pump That Thang (Vocal Thang Mix) A3- Pump That Thang (Pump That Thang Mix) A4- Pump That Thang [...]