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Poison Clan – dance all nite (the baby 2 live crew)(1990)
Tracklist A1- Poison Clan – dance all nite (remix with bonus beats) A2 Poison Clan – dance all nite (LP version) B1 Poison Clan – dance [...]
Next Generation – You’re A Tease (Melô do Titio)
Tracklist A1-You’re A Tease (Vocal Version) B1-You’re A Tease (Instrumental)
Trinere – They’re Playing Our Song (1987) (Melô da Mangueira)
Tracklisting: A1- They’re Playing Our Song (Club Version) B1- They’re Playing Our Song (Instrumental) B2- They’re Playing Our Song (Short [...]
The Megatrons – Rock The Planet (1986)(melô da trovoada)
Tracklisting: A1- Rock the Planet A2- Rock the Planet (Edited Version) B1- Rock the Planet (Dub Version) B2- Rock the Planet (Bonus Beats)
Bryan Loren – Lollipop Luv
Tracklist A1 Lollipop Luv (Vocal Version) B1 Lollipop Luv (Instrumental Version) B2 Lollipop Luv (Short Version With Vocal)
Stevie B – Funky Melody (1994)
Tracklist A1 Funky Melody (12″ Dance Mix) A2 Funky Melody (Single Version) B1 Funky Melody (Juanito’s Funky House Mix) Remix – Juanito* [...]
D.J.Battery Brain 808 Volt Mix 12 Vinyl 1988 (melô da latinha)
Tracklist A1. D.J. Battery Brain – 8 Volt Mix (Long Version) B1. D.J. Battery Brain – 808 Volt Mix B2. D.J. Battery Brain – 808 Volt Mix [...]