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Love Master Ace With Triple-S-Fee – Diseases (melo da bicha)
Tracklist A Diseases (Vocal Mix) B1 Diseases (B Side Mix) B2 Diseases (Accapella)
Anthony Thomas – Don’t Say Goodbye (Melô da despedida)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Vocal Mix] A2- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Radio Edit Mix] A3- Don’t Say Goodbye [...]
Master K.A. – Computer Rock
Tracklist A Computer Rock (Vocal Mix) B1 Computer Rock (Dubbb Mix) B2 Computer Rock (Bonus Beats)
The Arabian Prince – Situation Hot (Melô da explosão 2)(1986)
Tracklist A1- situation hot (vocal mix) B1- situation hot (instrumental mix) b2- situation hot (radio edit)
Style Posse – We Need Some Bass! / What Does It All Mean!(melô do peixe) (1988)
Tracklist Bass Side A1 We Need Some Bass! (Extended Bass Style) A2 We Need Some Bass! (Radio Style) A3 We Need Some Bass! (Basstrumental) Street Side B1 [...]