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Noel – Out Of Time (1988)
Tracklist A1 Out Of Time (Club Mix) A2 Out Of Time (R & B Mix) B1 Out Of Time (Instrumental) B2 Out Of Time (Dub Version)
Young & Restless – B-Girls (Melô do lobo mau I)
  Tracklist A1 Young & Restless – B-Girls (Radio) A2 Young & Restless – B Girls (Mark Mix) B1 Young & Restless – B Girls [...]
Red Flag – Russian Radio
Tracklist 01 – Russian Radio (Glasnost Club Mix) 02 – Russian Radio (Razormaid Mix) 03 – Russian Radio (Wicked Mix) 04 – Russian [...]
Cybotron – Clear (Cobblestone Jazz & Louderbach Remixes)
Tracklist 01 – cybotron – clear (cobblestone jazz remix) 02 – cybotron – clear (louderbach all this space mix) 03 – cybotron [...]
Diamond D Featuring Deryck “D” – Diamond Sez
Tracklist Boom Side A1 Diamond Sez (Club Mix) A2 Diamond Sez (Radio Mix) Beat Side B1 Diamond Sez (Instrumental Gem) B2 Diamond Sez (Deryck’s Beats) [...]
Sybil – Walk On By (1989)
 Tracklisting: A Walk On By (Club Mix) B1 Walk On By (Radio Mix) B2 Walk On By (Dub Version) B3 Walk On By (Acappella)
Stevie B – In My Eyes (1989)
Tracklist A1- In My Eyes (Radio Mix) A2- In My Eyes (In My House) A3- In My Eyes (Bonus Spooge) B1- In My Eyes (Dancing Eyes) B2- In My Eyes (Destiny [...]
Bettina – Destiny >1990< (melô do destino)
Tracklist A1- Destiny_(Radio_Version) A2- Destiny_(T.G._Tunnel_Mix) B1- Destiny_(Loqueria_Mix) B2- Destiny (Vocal Ultimix) B3- Destiny (Dr. Edit Mix) [...]
Cameron Paul – Don’t Stop The Music
Tracklist A Don’t Stop The Music (Hip House Club Mix) (4:25) B1 Don’t Stop The Music (Radio Edit) (3:45) B2 Don’t Stop The Music (808 [...]
Love Master Ace With Triple-S-Fee – Diseases (melo da bicha)
Tracklist A Diseases (Vocal Mix) B1 Diseases (B Side Mix) B2 Diseases (Accapella)
Spanish Fly – Precious (1991)(Melô da flexa)
Tracklist A1- Precious (Allnight Mix) (6:24) A2- Precious (Radio Mix) (5:00) B1- Precious (G-Bones Mix) (6:25) B2- Precious (Hip To Hip Mix) (6:22)
Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (1989)(Melô do Andróide)
  Tracklist A1 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (Bass Mix)A2 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (House Mix)A3 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer [...]
Dr. Lateness And The Anticlocks – Rivers Of Passion
Tracklist A1 Rivers Of Passion (Drumapella) A2 Rivers Of Passion (Radio Mix) B Rivers Of Passion (Extended Club Mix)
Will To Power – Fading Away (1988)
Tracklist Fading away (Ultimix) Fading away (Big Beat Mix) Fading away (Big Single Mix) Fading Away (The Rhythm Dub)
Stevie B – Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (1989)
Tracklist A1 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Club Mix)A2 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Radio Mix)B1 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Dub)B2 Spring Love (Come [...]
Sugar Style – Weekend Toiz (Melô da Freada)
Tracklist A1- Weekend Toiz (La Truck Mix) B1- Weekend Toiz (Radio Edit) B2- Weekend Toiz (Tail Gate Version) B3- Weekend Toiz (Hollywood BLVD Mix)
Rios Sisters – Are You Looking For Love (Melô da Sereia)
Tracklist A1- Are You Looking For Love (Club Version) A2- Are You Looking For Love (Freestyle Mix) A3- Are You Looking  For Love (Radio Mix) B1- Are You [...]
Beat Dominator – 1-2-3-4-5-6 bass (1992)
  Tracklist A1- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (Turbo Kitchen Mix) A2- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (Express Mix) B1- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (The Original) B2- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass [...]
Gucci Crew II – Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Melô do boquete)
Tracklist A1- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Radio Mix)A2- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Big Mix)B1- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Street Mix)B2- Truz [...]
Ray Guell – Just Another Lover (Melô do Príncipe)
Tracklist A1- Just Another Lover (Club Mix) A2- Just Another Lover (Radio Mix) A3- Just Another Lover (Drumapella) B1- Just Another Lover (Extended Mix) [...]
Two Def Mcees With The Big Time Posse – Gettin Busy (Melô do bambole)
Tracklist A1- Gettin’ Busy (Club Mix) A2- Gettin’ Busy (Kawikappella) B1- Gettin’ Busy (Instrumental) B2- Gettin’ Busy (Xtra Beats)
MC Shy D – Rapp Will Never Die (Melô da pantera cor de rosa 1)
Tracklist A-Rapp Will Never Die (Vocal) B1-Rapp Will Never Die (Club Mix) B2-Rapp Will Never Die (Instrumental)
Pretty Tony – Fix It In The Mix (Melô do quebra vidro 2)
Tracklist A- Fix It In The Mix (vocal) B- Fix It In The Mix (Instrumental)
Pretty Poison – Catch Me (I’m Falling) [Melô do poder]
Tracklist A1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (12″ Mix) A2- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dub Mix) B1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dance Mix) B2- [...]
In-Dex – Now You’re Gone (Melô do Papai)
Tracklist A1 Now You’re Gone (YA-YA Mix) A2 Now You’re Gone (Rupert Bare Mix) B1 Now You’re Gone (Club-Mix) B2 Now You’re Gone (No [...]
Science Club – Depression (Melô do pesadelo)
Tracklist A1- Depression (Club Mix) A2- Depression (Basement Mix)
The Boys From The Bottom – Abusadora (Melô da Bicha loira)
Tracklist A1 Abusadora (DJ Laz Mix) A2 Abusadora (No Comedian Mix) B1 Abusadora (Lil Havanna Mix) B2 Mega Mix (DJ Wiz Mix)
Fresh Celeste e M4 Sers – Shake It Up (Melô da Brilhantina)
Tracklisting: A1 Shake It Up A2 Shake It Up (Instrumental) B1 Shake It Up (Twisted Bladerunner Mix)
Master K.A. – Computer Rock
Tracklist A Computer Rock (Vocal Mix) B1 Computer Rock (Dubbb Mix) B2 Computer Rock (Bonus Beats)
Maggotron – Return To The Planet Of Bass
Tracklist A1 Return To The Planet Of Bass A2 Maggotron’s In Your Closet B Return To The Planet Of Bass (Bass Mix)
Maggotron Crushing Crew – The Bass That Ate Miami
Tracklisting: A1 The Bass That Ate Miami (Radiola Economy Mix) A2 The Bass That Ate Miami (Radiola Deluxe Mix) B1 The Bass That Ate Miami (Obligatory Dub [...]
The Boys From The Bottom – Mama You’re Lookin’ Good + Slay Dem Ho`s (Melô da mama & Cachorrada)
Tracklisting: A1 – Mama You`Re Lookin Good (Radio Mix) A2 – Mama You`Re Lookin Good (Club Mix) A3  – Mama You`Re Lookin Good (Miami Bass [...]
Slammin’ Felix Sama* Presents Clay D*, Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike – Back Again (Melo do surdo)
Tracklist A1 clay D* , Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike Back Again (Radio Mix) A2 Clay D* , Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike Back Again (Booty Mix) B1 MC [...]
Shantell e Dwayne – Ring My Phone (1988)[Melô do Maconheiro]
Tracklisting: A1- Ring My Phone (Vocal) B1- Ring My Phone (Instrumental Dub Mix)
Samuel – Open Your Eyes / Dont Set Me Free
Tracklisting: A1 Open Your Eyes (Extended Dance Mix) (7:41) A2 Open Your Eyes (Dub Version) (5:22) A3 Open Your Eyes (7″ Version) (4:12) B1 [...]
Maggotron – Coming Back To Bass (Melô da assombração)
Tracklist A1 Coming Back To Bass (Introductory Mix) A2 Pillow Talkin” Babydriving defense course programme. line-height: normal; orphans: 2; [...]
P.O.L.O. Crew – Polo’s In Effect (Melô do Velório)
Tracklist A1 Black Image (Wish Mix) A2 Black Image (Street Mix) B1 Polo’s In Effect (Bass Mix) B2 Polo’s In Effect (Double Oh-Oh Mix)
Linear – Sending All My Love (1990)(Melô da verdade)
Tracklist A1- Sending All My Love (1990 Club Mix) (8:16) B1- Sending All my Love (1990 House Mix) (5:00) B2- Sending All My Love (Radio Mix) (3:52)
Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (1990)(Melô da promessa)
  Tracklisting: A1 Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (Radio) A2 Willie & Waseem – Promise Me (Club Mix) B1 Willie & Waseem – [...]
Ice-T – What Ya Wanna Do? (1989) (Melô do Cajú)
Tracklisting: A1- What ya Wanna Do B1- What Ya Wanna Do (Edit Mix) B2- What ya Wanna Do (Instrumental)
MC Shy-D – I’m Not A Star (Melô da Batidinha)
Tracklisting: A1 I’m Not A Star (LP Version) A2 I’m Not A Star (So Def Re-Mix) B1 Bust This B2 I’m Not A Star (So Def Re-Mix [...]
Run-DMC – It’s Tricky (And More)(Melô do eco)
Tracklisting: A1 Run Dmc – It’s Tricky (Club Mix) A2 Run  Dmc – Uptempo B1 Run Dmc – It’s Tricky B2 Run Dmc – [...]
The Boys From The Bottom – My Girl’s Got That Bootty (Melô do Bateau mouche)
Tracklisting: A1 – My Girl’s Got That Booty (Radio Mix) B1 – My Girl’s Got That Bootty (Club Mix) B2 – My Girl’s Got [...]
Dimples Tee – Jealous Fellas (1987)-(Melô do 007)
Tracklisting: A1. Jealous Fellas B1. Jealous Fellas (Norberto Mix) B2. Jealous Fellas (Instrumental)
Prep MC – I Just Want To Use Your Love (Melô do gaguinho)
Tracklist A1 I Just Want To Use Your Love (You Can Get It Mix) A2 I Just Want To Use Your Love (Prep Mix LP Version) B1 I Just Want To Use Your Love [...]
Maggotron – Miami Bass Express (1989)
Tracklisting: A1 – Miami Bass Express 4:58 A2 – My Bass Weighs A Ton 4:42 A3 – Mix It Up 7:55 A4 – Are You With Me Out There? 6:12 [...]
Queen T – Pump That Thang (1990)
Tracklist A1- Pump That Thang (Funkytown House Mix) A2- Pump That Thang (Vocal Thang Mix) A3- Pump That Thang (Pump That Thang Mix) A4- Pump That Thang [...]
Layizon – The ride inside (Melô da perereca I )
Tracklist A1 – The ride inside (club mix) A2 – The ride inside (instrumetal) B1 – The ride inside (vocal) B2 – The ride inside (acapella)
D.J. Laz – moments in bass (melô da eternidade)
Tracklist A1 Moments In Bass (Radio Mix) (4:07) A2 Moments In Dub (4:07) A3 Moments In Bass (Boomin’ Car System Mix) (4:08) B1 Moments In Bed (4:08) [...]
Gigolo Tony – Ice Cold (1987)
Tracklist 01 – It’s the gigolo 02 – Trues and vogues 03 – M.y.o.b. 04 – I am crack cocaine 05 – Tear shit up 06 – [...]
The Arabian Prince – Situation Hot (Melô da explosão 2)(1986)
Tracklist A1- situation hot (vocal mix) B1- situation hot (instrumental mix) b2- situation hot (radio edit)
C.C.C.P. – American – Soviets (The Cameron Paul Remix) (melô do sovietico)
Tracklist A American – Soviets (The Cameron Paul Remix) B1 American – Soviets (Original Version) B2 American – Soviets (Instrumental Mix)
Stevie B – Girl I Am Searching For You (1989)
Tracklist Girl I Am Searching For You (Album Version) Girl I Am Searching For You (Extended Mix) Searching For Your House: Part A (Subterranean Mix) [...]
Girls With Attitudes – Jammed In The USA (MELÔ DA GOTEIRA)
Tracklisting: A1 Jammed In The USA A2 Jammed In The USA (No Anthem Mix) B1 Jammed In The USA (Instrumental) B2 Jammed In The USA (Acapella)
Will To Power – Dreamin (1986) (melô da virgem)
Tracklist Dreamin (Dub Mix).mp3Dreamin (Manhattan Mix).mp3Dreamin (New Mix).mp3Dreamin(Instrumental).mp3
Raw Dog – Hey Vikki & This Jam (melô da macumba II) (1991)
Tracklist A1 Hey Vikki (Vocal) A2 Hey Vikki (Instrumental) B1 This Jam (Vocal) B2 This Jam (Overtown Mix) B3 This Jam (Basshead Mix)
Stevie B – Funky Melody (1994)
Tracklist A1 Funky Melody (12″ Dance Mix) A2 Funky Melody (Single Version) B1 Funky Melody (Juanito’s Funky House Mix) Remix – Juanito* [...]
Style Posse – We Need Some Bass! / What Does It All Mean!(melô do peixe) (1988)
Tracklist Bass Side A1 We Need Some Bass! (Extended Bass Style) A2 We Need Some Bass! (Radio Style) A3 We Need Some Bass! (Basstrumental) Street Side B1 [...]
S.M.O.K.E.Y. D.E.E. & Grandmaster Love – Super Bass (1987)
  Tracklist A1- Super Bass  (Radio Version) A2- Super Bass  (Bass Dub Mix) B1- Super Bass  (Dub Mix)
2 In A Room – She’s Got Me Go Crazy 1990 (melô do apito)
    Tracklisting: She’s Got Me Go Crazy She’s Got Me Go Crazy (Radio Version) She’s Got Me Go Crazy (Todd She’s Got Me Go [...]
Rodney O & Joe Cooley – DJ’s & MC’s / Supercuts
Tracklisting: A1 DJ’s And MC’s (Vocal) A2 DJ’s And MC’s (Instrumental) B1 Supercuts (Yeah Boy) B2 Supercuts (Bug Mix)
Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (1985)
Tracklist Paul Hardcastle – Forest Fire Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (12 Inc) Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (Sax Long Mix) Paul Hardcastle – Rain [...]
D.J.Battery Brain 808 Volt Mix 12 Vinyl 1988 (melô da latinha)
Tracklist A1. D.J. Battery Brain – 8 Volt Mix (Long Version) B1. D.J. Battery Brain – 808 Volt Mix B2. D.J. Battery Brain – 808 Volt Mix [...]