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Stevie B – In My Eyes (1989)
Tracklist A1- In My Eyes (Radio Mix) A2- In My Eyes (In My House) A3- In My Eyes (Bonus Spooge) B1- In My Eyes (Dancing Eyes) B2- In My Eyes (Destiny [...]
Steve Masters – Turntable Aktion (Melô do Faraó)
Tracklist A1 – Turntable Aktion (Aktion Attack Mix) A2 – Turntable Aktion (World Domination Dub) A3 – Turntable Aktion (Brave New Radio [...]
Willesden Dodgers – Jive Rhythm Trax
Tracklist A1 130 BPM A2 114 BPM A3 122 BPM A4 108 BPM B1 102 BPM B2 122 BPM B3 152 BPM B4 114 BPM
Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (1989)(Melô do Andróide)
  Tracklist A1 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (Bass Mix)A2 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (House Mix)A3 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer [...]
Peter Fontaine – The Way She Looks At Me (1989)
Tracklist A1 The Way She Looks At Me (Pop Club) A2 The Way She Looks At Me (Pop Radio) A3 The Way She Looks At Me (Bonus Beats) B1 The Way She Looks At Me [...]
Bass Patrol – Rock This Planet (1988) Joey Boy Records
Tracklisting: side A A1 – Rock This Planet A2 – Do The Alph A3 – We Keep You Rockin’ A4 – Bass Patrol Chillin’ side B [...]
Cameron Paul – Don’t Mess With My Mind (Melô da mamãe)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Club MixA2- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Bonus BeatsA3- Don’t Mess With My Mind_PercapellaB2- [...]
Rios Sisters – Are You Looking For Love (Melô da Sereia)
Tracklist A1- Are You Looking For Love (Club Version) A2- Are You Looking For Love (Freestyle Mix) A3- Are You Looking  For Love (Radio Mix) B1- Are You [...]
Ray Guell – Just Another Lover (Melô do Príncipe)
Tracklist A1- Just Another Lover (Club Mix) A2- Just Another Lover (Radio Mix) A3- Just Another Lover (Drumapella) B1- Just Another Lover (Extended Mix) [...]
Larry & Stuff – Fat Girls In Daisy Dukes (Doin’ Them Dasiy Dukes Wrong)[Melô do Edmilson]
Tracklisting: A1 – Fat Girls in Daisy Dukes (Radio Version 1) A2 – Fat Girls in Daisy Dukes (Radio Version 2) A3 – Fat Girls In Daisy [...]
The Beatmaster Clay D & Get Funky Crew – Move Your Body To The Beat / Do Your Duty
Tracklisting: A1 Move Your Body To The Beat (Club Remix) A2 Move Your Body To The Beat (Get Funky Dub) A3 Move Your Body To The Beat (Phil’s Bonus [...]
Samuel – Open Your Eyes / Dont Set Me Free
Tracklisting: A1 Open Your Eyes (Extended Dance Mix) (7:41) A2 Open Your Eyes (Dub Version) (5:22) A3 Open Your Eyes (7″ Version) (4:12) B1 [...]
Time Traveler – Compulsion (1988) (Melô da Galinha)
Tracklist A1 – Compulsion (Compulsion Club) A2 – Compulsion (Compulpella) A3 –  Compulsion (Comdubsion) B1 – Compulsion (Radio) B2 [...]
Raze – Bass Power (Melô da Macumbeira)
Tracklist A1   Bass Power (Extended) (5:24) A2   Bass Power (Radio) (4:22) A3   Bass Power (Acapella) (3:51) B1   Bass Power (Geoffrey C Edit) (7:23) B2   [...]
Stage IV Featuring Luly – Real Love (Melô do rio)
Tracklist A1 – Real Love (Miami Bass Mix) (5:01) A2 – Real Love (Be-Bop-A-Pop Mix) (4:37) A3 – Real Love (Be-Bop-A-Dub Mix) (4:10) B1 [...]
Maggotron – Miami Bass Express (1989)
Tracklisting: A1 – Miami Bass Express 4:58 A2 – My Bass Weighs A Ton 4:42 A3 – Mix It Up 7:55 A4 – Are You With Me Out There? 6:12 [...]
Queen T – Pump That Thang (1990)
Tracklist A1- Pump That Thang (Funkytown House Mix) A2- Pump That Thang (Vocal Thang Mix) A3- Pump That Thang (Pump That Thang Mix) A4- Pump That Thang [...]
D.J. Laz – moments in bass (melô da eternidade)
Tracklist A1 Moments In Bass (Radio Mix) (4:07) A2 Moments In Dub (4:07) A3 Moments In Bass (Boomin’ Car System Mix) (4:08) B1 Moments In Bed (4:08) [...]
Style Posse – We Need Some Bass! / What Does It All Mean!(melô do peixe) (1988)
Tracklist Bass Side A1 We Need Some Bass! (Extended Bass Style) A2 We Need Some Bass! (Radio Style) A3 We Need Some Bass! (Basstrumental) Street Side B1 [...]
The World Class Wreckin Cru – House Calls
Tracklist A1 – House Calls A2 – Must Be The Music A3 – Cabbage Patch B1 – House Calls (Instrumental) B2 – Must Be The Music [...]