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Diamond D Featuring Deryck “D” – Diamond Sez
Tracklist Boom Side A1 Diamond Sez (Club Mix) A2 Diamond Sez (Radio Mix) Beat Side B1 Diamond Sez (Instrumental Gem) B2 Diamond Sez (Deryck’s Beats) [...]
The Mechanic – Sweat (melô da serpente)
Tracklist A- Sweat B- Sweat (Beats)
Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (1989)(Melô do Andróide)
  Tracklist A1 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (Bass Mix)A2 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (House Mix)A3 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer [...]
Beat Master Clay D. and Get Fresh Girls, The – I Seen Your Boyfriend (1990)(melô do tarado)
Tracklist A1 – I Seen Your Boyfriend – (Club Vocal)B1 – I Seen Your Boyfriend – (Dub)
Will To Power – Fading Away (1988)
Tracklist Fading away (Ultimix) Fading away (Big Beat Mix) Fading away (Big Single Mix) Fading Away (The Rhythm Dub)
Peter Fontaine – The Way She Looks At Me (1989)
Tracklist A1 The Way She Looks At Me (Pop Club) A2 The Way She Looks At Me (Pop Radio) A3 The Way She Looks At Me (Bonus Beats) B1 The Way She Looks At Me [...]
Cameron Paul – Don’t Mess With My Mind (Melô da mamãe)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Club MixA2- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Bonus BeatsA3- Don’t Mess With My Mind_PercapellaB2- [...]
Beat Control – This Cut Is Def / So Live (Melô do Soldado)
Tracklist A1 – Beat Control – SkeezerA2 – Beat Control – This Cut Is DefB1 – Beat Control – So Live (Melô do Soldado)B2 [...]
Beat Dominator – 1-2-3-4-5-6 bass (1992)
  Tracklist A1- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (Turbo Kitchen Mix) A2- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (Express Mix) B1- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (The Original) B2- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass [...]
DJ Magic Mike – Bass Is The Name Of The Game (Melô do surdo II, Melô do cerol)
Tracklist The House Of Magic M&M Getting Off (Remix) Lower The Dynamite Feel The Bass Again Drop The Bass (Part 2) Magic & Isaam’s Groove [...]
Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt (Melô do Ninja)
Tracklist A1- Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt B1- Egyptian Lover – And My Beat Goes Boom B2- Egyptian Lover –  What Is A D.J. If He [...]
Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word (Melô do Bonga)
Tracklist A- Fresh Is The Word B1- Fresh Is The Beat (Dub Version) B2- Fresh Is The Word (Radio Version)
Master K.A. – Computer Rock
Tracklist A Computer Rock (Vocal Mix) B1 Computer Rock (Dubbb Mix) B2 Computer Rock (Bonus Beats)
The Beatmaster Clay D & Get Funky Crew – Move Your Body To The Beat / Do Your Duty
Tracklisting: A1 Move Your Body To The Beat (Club Remix) A2 Move Your Body To The Beat (Get Funky Dub) A3 Move Your Body To The Beat (Phil’s Bonus [...]
MC ADE – Nightmare on ADE St. (Melô do cachorro II)
Tracklist A1-Nightmare on ADE St. (vocal) B1-Nightmare On ADE St. (Iistrumental) B2-Nightmare on A.D.E. St. (Bonus Beat)
Matrix – Jam (It’s Time) (Melô do Terremoto)
Tracklist DJ Matrix – Jam (it’s Time) (Bass Beat) 6:10 DJ Matrix – Jam (It’s Time) 6:10
Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (1990)(Melô da promessa)
  Tracklisting: A1 Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (Radio) A2 Willie & Waseem – Promise Me (Club Mix) B1 Willie & Waseem – [...]
Fresh Celeste & M4 Sers – Get It Boy (1987)
Tracklisting: A1 – Fresh Celeste & M4 Sers – Get It Boy (Radio Version) A2 – Fresh Celeste & M4 Sers – Get It Boy (X Rate) [...]
E. German Featuring D.J Davie D – The Melmac Rock (Melô do pobre)
Tracklisting: A The Melmac Rock (4:52) B1 The Melmac Rock (Instrumental) (4:52) B2 The Melmac Rock (bonus beat)(5:00)
Prep MC – I Just Want To Use Your Love (Melô do gaguinho)
Tracklist A1 I Just Want To Use Your Love (You Can Get It Mix) A2 I Just Want To Use Your Love (Prep Mix LP Version) B1 I Just Want To Use Your Love [...]
D.J. Laz – moments in bass (melô da eternidade)
Tracklist A1 Moments In Bass (Radio Mix) (4:07) A2 Moments In Dub (4:07) A3 Moments In Bass (Boomin’ Car System Mix) (4:08) B1 Moments In Bed (4:08) [...]
AQ & DJ Larche – And My Beat Goes On(melô do fantasma II)
Tracklisting: A And My Beat Goes On B1 My Bonus Beats (A.Q. Mix) B2 And My Beat Goes On (Instrumental
Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (melô do computador 1)
Tracklist Planet Rock Planet Rock (Bonus Beat) Planet Rock (Instrumental)
The Beat Boys – Who Rocks The Show (melô do circo)
Tracklist A Who Rocks The Show (Vocal) B Who Rocks The Show (Instrumental)