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B.O.S.E. – Don’t Knock It (Till You Try It) melô do caó (1987)
Tracklist A1-Don’t Knock It (Till You Try It) A2-Don’t Knock It (Till You Try It) (Hard Mix) B1-Don’t Knock It (Till You Try It) (Instr) [...]
Triple Crush – The Groove / Let’s Dance (melô do maguila)
Tracklist A1 The Groove (Vocal Version) A2 The Groove (Dub Version) B1 Let’s Dance (Vocal Version) B2 Let’s Dance (Dub Version)
Young & Restless – B-Girls (Melô do lobo mau I)
  Tracklist A1 Young & Restless – B-Girls (Radio) A2 Young & Restless – B Girls (Mark Mix) B1 Young & Restless – B Girls [...]
Princess MC – Where The Dogs At (get busy) (Melô do Zé))
Raptinni On Ice – Raptinni S. Coming Out (melô da Daiana)
Tracklist A Raptinni S. Coming Out (Vocal) B Raptinni S. Coming Out (Inst)
Cold City Crew – We Are Cold City & Nothing Like Hip Hop Music (Melô do natal II)
Tracklist A1- We Are Cold City (Vocal) A2- We Are Cold City (Instrumental) B1- Nothing Like Hip Hop Music (Vocal) B1- Nothing Like Hip Hop Music [...]
Eddie B – Time To Rock The House II (Melô do maluco II)
  Tracklist A- Time To Rock The House II(vocal) B- Time To Rock The House II (Instrumental)
Joeski Love – Pee Wee Dance (melô do merengue)
Tracklist Pee Wee Dance (Vocal Long Version) Pee Wee Dance (Instrumental)
Nite and Dayy and The Money Prone Posse – Moving Up (Melô do Michael Jackson)
Tracklist A- Moving Up (Vocal) B- Moving Up (Instrumenta)
Paul Hardcastle – King Tut (Melô da Flauta Mágica)
Tracklist A1-King Tut (Remix) B1-King Tut (Melô da Flauta Mágica) King Tut (radio)
Pretty Tony – Jam The Box Promocional Copy(melo do quebra vidro 1 )
Tracklisting: A Jam The Box B Jam The Box (Instrumental)
Young & Restless – Poison Ivy (melo da venenosa)
Tracklist A1 Poison Ivy (Radio Version) A2 Poison Ivy (Street Mix) B1 Poison Ivy (E.G. Mix) B2 Poison Ivy (P-Man Mix)
Spanish Fly – Precious (1991)(Melô da flexa)
Tracklist A1- Precious (Allnight Mix) (6:24) A2- Precious (Radio Mix) (5:00) B1- Precious (G-Bones Mix) (6:25) B2- Precious (Hip To Hip Mix) (6:22)
The Bass Dominators – Go Head, Go Head (Yo! Yo!) The Bass Is To Strong (1986)(Melô do Elefantinho)
Tracklisting: A – Et sur et étrangère // qu’on vieux! la cetirizine dexcel pharma ah!. La [...]
Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (1989)(Melô do Andróide)
  Tracklist A1 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (Bass Mix) A2 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (House Mix) A3 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer [...]
Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic – (1982)(Melô da perereca II)
Tracklist A   Body Mechanic (Vocal) (6:58) B   Body Mechanic (Instrumental) (5:37
Big Time Fresh – Check It Out /Tee Trap / Idiot (melô do piano I)
Tracklist B1 Big Time Fresh – Check It Out (Vocal) B2 Big Time Fresh – Check It Out (Instrumental)  
Bass Patrol – Rock This Planet (1988) Joey Boy Records
Tracklisting: side A A1 – Rock This Planet A2 – Do The Alph A3 – We Keep You Rockin’ A4 – Bass Patrol Chillin’ side B [...]
Late Night Magic – Scream Baybee & Lost In Bass (Melô das Meninas)
Tracklist A1 – Scream Baybee (Vocal) A2 – Scream Baybee (Instrumental) B1 – Lost In Bass (Vocal) B2 – Lost In Bass (Instrumental)
Special K – Poka Dot Bikini (melô do biquini)
À la affront de // Sacy palais été douleur dentaire codeine petit la la poursuivirent [...]
Cameron Paul – Don’t Mess With My Mind (Melô da mamãe)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Club Mix A2- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Bonus Beats A3- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Percapella B2- [...]
Sugar Style – Weekend Toiz (Melô da Freada)
Tracklist A1- Weekend Toiz (La Truck Mix) B1- Weekend Toiz (Radio Edit) B2- Weekend Toiz (Tail Gate Version) B3- Weekend Toiz (Hollywood BLVD Mix)
Anthony Thomas – Don’t Say Goodbye (Melô da despedida)
  Tracklist A1- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Vocal Mix] A2- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Radio Edit Mix] A3- Don’t Say Goodbye [...]
Rios Sisters – Are You Looking For Love (Melô da Sereia)
Tracklist A1- Are You Looking For Love (Club Version) A2- Are You Looking For Love (Freestyle Mix) A3- Are You Looking  For Love (Radio Mix) B1- Are You [...]
Gucci Crew II – Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Melô do boquete)
Tracklist A1- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Radio Mix) A2- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Big Mix) B1- Truz ‘N’ Vogues (Street Mix) B2- Truz [...]
gucci crew II – sally ”that girl (Melô do Bebado)
Tracklist A1- gucci crew – sally ”that girl (club mix) A2- gucci crew – sally ”that girl (radio mix) B1- gucci crew – sally [...]
Fila Fresh Crew – I Hate To Go To Work (Melô do Cuco)
Tracklist A- I Hate To Go To Work (vocal) B- I hate to go to work (instrumental)
Ray Guell – Just Another Lover (Melô do Príncipe)
Tracklist A1- Just Another Lover (Club Mix) A2- Just Another Lover (Radio Mix) A3- Just Another Lover (Drumapella) B1- Just Another Lover (Extended Mix) [...]
Two Def Mcees With The Big Time Posse – Gettin Busy (Melô do bambole)
Tracklist A1- Gettin’ Busy (Club Mix) A2- Gettin’ Busy (Kawikappella) B1- Gettin’ Busy (Instrumental) B2- Gettin’ Busy (Xtra Beats)
DJ Debonaire Featuring Tricky D – Get Silly (With The Muppet Bass) (Melô do Cabaré)
Tracklist A1- Get Silly (With The Muppet Bass). B1- Get Silly (With The Muppet Bass) Instrumental.
Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt (Melô do Ninja)
Tracklist A1- Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt B1- Egyptian Lover – And My Beat Goes Boom B2- Egyptian Lover –  What Is A D.J. If He [...]
Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word (Melô do Bonga)
Tracklist A- Fresh Is The Word B1- Fresh Is The Beat (Dub Version) B2- Fresh Is The Word (Radio Version)
The Nylons – Kiss Him Goodbye (Melô da Araruta)
Tracklist A- Kiss Him Goodbye (Mike Carrol Edit) B1- Kiss Him Goodbye (Instrumental Dub) B2- Kiss Him Goodbye  (Acappella)
E.V.I.A.N. And The Atlantis Posse – Techno City 12 INCH PROMO (melô da bolha)
Tracklist A1 Techno City (Vocal) Vocals [Space Vocals] – McEiht* A2 Robo Tech (Bonus City) B Techno City (Instrumental)
MC Shy D – Rapp Will Never Die (Melô da pantera cor de rosa 1)
Tracklist A-Rapp Will Never Die (Vocal) B1-Rapp Will Never Die (Club Mix) B2-Rapp Will Never Die (Instrumental)
Pretty Tony – Fix It In The Mix (Melô do quebra vidro 2)
Tracklist A- Fix It In The Mix (vocal) B- Fix It In The Mix (Instrumental)
Pretty Poison – Catch Me (I’m Falling) [Melô do poder]
  Tracklist A1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (12″ Mix) A2- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dub Mix) B1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dance Mix) [...]
Larry & Stuff – Fat Girls In Daisy Dukes (Doin’ Them Dasiy Dukes Wrong)[Melô do Edmilson]
  Tracklisting: A1 – Fat Girls in Daisy Dukes (Radio Version 1) A2 – Fat Girls in Daisy Dukes (Radio Version 2) A3 – Fat Girls In [...]
Maggotron – Welcome To The Planet Of Bass (Melô da Bagunça)
Tracklist A- Welcome To The Planet Of Bass (Radio Edit) B- Welcome To The Bass Planet (Extended Version) (Bonus Bass)
In-Dex – Now You’re Gone (Melô do Papai)
  Tracklist A1 Now You’re Gone (YA-YA Mix) A2 Now You’re Gone (Rupert Bare Mix) B1 Now You’re Gone (Club-Mix) B2 Now You’re [...]
Science Club – Depression (Melô do pesadelo)
Tracklist A1- Depression (Club Mix) A2- Depression (Basement Mix) B1- Depression (Radio Edit) B2- Depression (Dub)  
The Boys From The Bottom – Abusadora (Melô da Bicha loira)
Tracklist A1 Abusadora (DJ Laz Mix) A2 Abusadora (No Comedian Mix) B1 Abusadora (Lil Havanna Mix) B2 Mega Mix (DJ Wiz Mix)
Fresh Celeste & M4 Sers – Shake It Up (Melô da Brilhantina)
Tracklisting: A1 Shake It Up A2 Shake It Up (Instrumental) B1 Shake It Up (Twisted Bladerunner Mix)
Def Rock Krew – Too Hot To Trot / Don’t Stop (1991) (Melô do Locha)
Tracklist A1-Too Hot To Trot (Vocals) A2-Too Hot To Trot (Instrumental) B1-Don’t Stop (Vocals) B2-Don’t Stop (Instrumental)
Lil’ Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme – B Boys Style (melo da Buzina)
Tracklist A B-Boy Style (Club Vocal) B1 B-Boy Style (Dub Instrumental) B2 B-Boy Style (Radio Edit)
B.O.S.E. – Batman (The Original Swing)(melo do batman)
Tracklist A- The Original Swing B- The Original Swing (Instrumental)
The Boys From The Bottom – Mama You’re Lookin’ Good + Slay Dem Ho`s (Melô da mama & Cachorrada)
Tracklisting: A1 – Mama You`Re Lookin Good (Radio Mix) A2 – Mama You`Re Lookin Good (Club Mix) A3  – Mama You`Re Lookin Good (Miami Bass [...]
Cash T., Kid Fresh, Mack E.L., D.J. K. Love – You Make Me Feel So Good (Melô do Gol II)
Tracklist A- You Make Me Feel So Good B- Let’s Go!!!
Slammin’ Felix Sama* Presents Clay D*, Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike – Back Again (Melo do surdo)
Tracklist A1 clay D* , Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike Back Again (Radio Mix) A2 Clay D* , Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike Back Again (Booty Mix) B1 MC [...]
MC ADE-Nightmare on ADE St. (Melô do cachorro II)
Tracklist A1-Nightmare on ADE St. (vocal) B1-Nightmare On ADE St. (Iistrumental) B2-Nightmare on A.D.E. St. (Bonus Beat)
talk of the town – get get funky (Melô do Sapatão)
Tracklisting A1- get get fucked ( vocal ) A2- get get funky  ( instrumental ) B1- get get funky  ( radio clean ) B2- get get fucked ( instrumental 2)
Shantell & Dwayne – Ring My Phone (1988)[Melô do Maconheiro]
Tracklisting: A1- Ring My Phone (Vocal) B1- Ring My Phone (Instrumental Dub Mix)
Next Generation – You’re A Tease (Melô do Titio)
Tracklist A1-You’re A Tease (Vocal Version) B1-You’re A Tease (Instrumental)
The Get Funky Crew – Pullit All The Way Down & Skin To Win(Melô do Doidão)
Tracklist A1 Pullit All The Way Down (Clean Radio Remix) A2 Pullit All The Way Down (Bonus Pullit Beats) B1 Skin To Win (Nasty Version X Rated) B2 Skin To [...]
Time Traveler – Compulsion(1988) (Melô da Galinha)
Tracklist A1 – Compulsion (Compulsion Club) A2 – Compulsion (Compulpella) A3 –  Compulsion (Comdubsion) B1 – Compulsion (Radio) B2 [...]
Trinere – They’re Playing Our Song (1987) (Melô da Mangueira)
Tracklisting: A1- They’re Playing Our Song (Club Version) B1- They’re Playing Our Song (Instrumental) B2- They’re Playing Our Song (Short [...]
Raze – Bass Power (Melô da Macumbeira)
Tracklist A1   Bass Power (Extended) (5:24) A2   Bass Power (Radio) (4:22) A3   Bass Power (Acapella) (3:51) B1   Bass Power (Geoffrey C Edit) (7:23) B2   [...]
Maggotron – Coming Back To Bass (Melô da assombração)
Tracklist A1 Coming Back To Bass (Introductory Mix) A2 Pillow Talkin” Babydriving defense course programme. line-height: normal; orphans: 2; [...]
Thumbs & The Hoestiles – Let’s Get Started (Melô da Familia Adams) (1985)
Tracklist A Let’s Get Started “The Munster TV Theme” B Let’s Get Started “The Munster TV Theme” (Monster Dub)
DJ Laz – Mami El Negro (Melô do Cubano)(1991)
Tracklist A1- Mami El Negro (Radio) A2- Mami El Negro (Vally Mix) B1- Mami El Negro (Club Mix) B2- Mami El Negro (Instrumental)
Elemento Creativo – Esta Caliente (Melô da Lambada)
Tracklist A1- Esta Caliente (version De Tv) B1- Esta Caliente (version Larga) B2- Esta Caliente (instrumental)
P.O.L.O. Crew – Polo’s In Effect (Melô do Velório)
Tracklist A1 Black Image (Wish Mix) A2 Black Image (Street Mix) B1 Polo’s In Effect (Bass Mix) B2 Polo’s In Effect (Double Oh-Oh Mix)
Matrix – Jam (It’s Time) (Melô do Terremoto)
  Tracklist DJ Matrix – Jam (it’s Time) (Bass Beat) 6:10 DJ Matrix – Jam (It’s Time) 6:10
Linear – Sending All My Love (1990)(Melô da verdade)
Tracklist A1- Sending All My Love (1990 Club Mix) (8:16) B1- Sending All my Love (1990 House Mix) (5:00) B2- Sending All My Love (Radio Mix) (3:52)
Kid Sensation – Back 2 Boom – (12 VInyl) (1989)(Melô do bombom))
Tracklisting: A1 Back To Boom A2 Back To Boom (Radio) B1 I S.P.I.T. B2 Back To Boom (Bonus Beats)
Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (1990)(Melô da promessa)
  Tracklisting: A1 Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (Radio) A2 Willie & Waseem – Promise Me (Club Mix) B1 Willie & Waseem – [...]
Iceman Ja – Mega Jon’s Bass (1987)(Melô do transfomes e do Boi)
  Tracklisting: A1-mega jon’s bass (vocal) (melô do boi vocal) A2- mega jon’s bass (instr.) (melô do boi instr) B1 – dead or alive [...]
MC Shy-D – I’m Not A Star (Melô da Batidinha)
Tracklisting: A1 I’m Not A Star (LP Version) A2 I’m Not A Star (So Def Re-Mix) B1 Bust This B2 I’m Not A Star (So Def Re-Mix Instrumental)
E. German Featuring D.J Davie D – The Melmac Rock (Melô do pobre)
Tracklisting: A The Melmac Rock (4:52) B1 The Melmac Rock (Instrumental) (4:52) B2 The Melmac Rock (bonus beat)(5:00)
freestyle – dont stop the rock (Melô da explosão I)
Tracklisting: A – freestyle – dont stop the rock B – freestyle – dont stop the rock instrumental
Run-DMC – It’s Tricky (And More)(Melô do eco)
Tracklisting: A1 Run Dmc – It’s Tricky (Club Mix) A2 Run  Dmc – Uptempo B1 Run Dmc – It’s Tricky B2 Run Dmc – [...]
Candy Fresh – We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money)(Melô do deu mole)
Tracklisting: A1 – Candy Fresh – We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money) (Radio Edit) A2 – Candy Fresh – Do The (Get Busy) (90’s [...]
The Boys From The Bottom – My Girl’s Got That Bootty(Melô do Bateau mouche)
Tracklisting: A1 – My Girl’s Got That Booty (Radio Mix) B1 – My Girl’s Got That Bootty (Club Mix) B2 – My Girl’s Got [...]
Mc Nas-D & DJ Freaky Fred – It’s my Cadillac(Melô do lobo mau II)
Tracklisting: A- It’s my Cadillac(remix vocal) B- It’s my Cadillac (instrumental)
Dimples Tee – Jealous Fellas (1987)-(Melô do 007)
Tracklisting: A1. Jealous Fellas B1. Jealous Fellas (Norberto Mix) B2. Jealous Fellas (Instrumental)
WAR – Heartbeat (Melô do vai e vem)
WAR – Heartbeat
Prep MC – I Just Want To Use Your Love (Melô do gaguinho)
Tracklist A1 I Just Want To Use Your Love (You Can Get It Mix) A2 I Just Want To Use Your Love (Prep Mix LP Version) B1 I Just Want To Use Your Love [...]
Stage IV Featuring Luly – Real Love (Melô do rio)
Tracklist A1 – Real Love (Miami Bass Mix) (5:01) A2 – Real Love (Be-Bop-A-Pop Mix) (4:37) A3 – Real Love (Be-Bop-A-Dub Mix) (4:10) B1 [...]

The 2 Live Crew - Do Wah Diddy (1988)


A1- Do Wah Diddy (Radio Remix Version)
A2- I Can’t Go For That
B1- Do Wah Diddy (X-Rated: Extended Remix)
B4- Do Wah Diddy (bonus track)


The 2 Live Crew – Do Wah Diddy (1988)(Melô da mulher feia)
Larry Bee – I’ll give You More (1989)(Melô do morcego)
Tracklist A1- Larry Bee – I’ll give You More (Edit Radio Vocal) A2- Larry Bee – I’ll give You More (Instrumental) B1- Larry Bee [...]