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Palmerforce Two – Street Wars (1984)
Tracklist A-Street Wars (Vocal Version) B-Street Wars (Dub Version)
Noel – Out Of Time (1988)
Tracklist A1 Out Of Time (Club Mix) A2 Out Of Time (R & B Mix) B1 Out Of Time (Instrumental) B2 Out Of Time (Dub Version)
Triple Crush – The Groove / Let’s Dance (melô do maguila)
Tracklist A1 The Groove (Vocal Version) A2 The Groove (Dub Version) B1 Let’s Dance (Vocal Version) B2 Let’s Dance (Dub Version)
Princess MC – Where The Dogs At (get busy) (Melô do Zé))
Sybil – Walk On By (1989)
 Tracklisting: A Walk On By (Club Mix) B1 Walk On By (Radio Mix) B2 Walk On By (Dub Version) B3 Walk On By (Acappella)
Stevie B – In My Eyes (1989)
Tracklist A1- In My Eyes (Radio Mix) A2- In My Eyes (In My House) A3- In My Eyes (Bonus Spooge) B1- In My Eyes (Dancing Eyes) B2- In My Eyes (Destiny [...]
Cameron Paul – Don’t Stop The Music
Tracklist A Don’t Stop The Music (Hip House Club Mix) (4:25) B1 Don’t Stop The Music (Radio Edit) (3:45) B2 Don’t Stop The Music (808 [...]
Terri Jones – Do It Again Tonight (1984)
Tracklisting: A Do It Again Tonight B Do It Again Tonight (Dub Version)
Beat Master Clay D. and Get Fresh Girls, The – I Seen Your Boyfriend (1990)(melô do tarado)
Tracklist A1 – I Seen Your Boyfriend – (Club Vocal)B1 – I Seen Your Boyfriend – (Dub)
Stevie B – Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (1989)
Tracklist A1 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Club Mix)A2 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Radio Mix)B1 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Dub)B2 Spring Love (Come [...]
Cameron Paul – Don’t Mess With My Mind (Melô da mamãe)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Club MixA2- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Bonus BeatsA3- Don’t Mess With My Mind_PercapellaB2- [...]
Anthony Thomas – Don’t Say Goodbye (Melô da despedida)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Vocal Mix] A2- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Radio Edit Mix] A3- Don’t Say Goodbye [...]
DJ Magic Mike – Bass Is The Name Of The Game (Melô do surdo II, Melô do cerol)
Tracklist The House Of Magic M&M Getting Off (Remix) Lower The Dynamite Feel The Bass Again Drop The Bass (Part 2) Magic & Isaam’s Groove [...]
Ray Guell – Just Another Lover (Melô do Príncipe)
Tracklist A1- Just Another Lover (Club Mix) A2- Just Another Lover (Radio Mix) A3- Just Another Lover (Drumapella) B1- Just Another Lover (Extended Mix) [...]
Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word (Melô do Bonga)
Tracklist A- Fresh Is The Word B1- Fresh Is The Beat (Dub Version) B2- Fresh Is The Word (Radio Version)
The Nylons – Kiss Him Goodbye (Melô da Araruta)
Tracklist A- Kiss Him Goodbye (Mike Carrol Edit) B1- Kiss Him Goodbye (Instrumental Dub) B2- Kiss Him Goodbye  (Acappella)
Pretty Poison – Catch Me (I’m Falling) [Melô do poder]
Tracklist A1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (12″ Mix) A2- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dub Mix) B1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dance Mix) B2- [...]
Larry & Stuff – Fat Girls In Daisy Dukes (Doin’ Them Dasiy Dukes Wrong)[Melô do Edmilson]
Tracklisting: A1 – Fat Girls in Daisy Dukes (Radio Version 1) A2 – Fat Girls in Daisy Dukes (Radio Version 2) A3 – Fat Girls In Daisy [...]
Science Club – Depression (Melô do pesadelo)
Tracklist A1- Depression (Club Mix) A2- Depression (Basement Mix)
Lil’ Jazzy Jay & Cool Supreme – B Boys Style (melo da Buzina)
Tracklist A B-Boy Style (Club Vocal) B1 B-Boy Style (Dub Instrumental) B2 B-Boy Style (Radio Edit)
Maggotron Crushing Crew – The Bass That Ate Miami
Tracklisting: A1 The Bass That Ate Miami (Radiola Economy Mix) A2 The Bass That Ate Miami (Radiola Deluxe Mix) B1 The Bass That Ate Miami (Obligatory Dub [...]
The Beatmaster Clay D & Get Funky Crew – Move Your Body To The Beat / Do Your Duty
Tracklisting: A1 Move Your Body To The Beat (Club Remix) A2 Move Your Body To The Beat (Get Funky Dub) A3 Move Your Body To The Beat (Phil’s Bonus [...]
Slammin’ Felix Sama* Presents Clay D*, Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike – Back Again (Melo do surdo)
Tracklist A1 clay D* , Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike Back Again (Radio Mix) A2 Clay D* , Prince Rahiem & DJ Magic Mike Back Again (Booty Mix) B1 MC [...]
Shantell e Dwayne – Ring My Phone (1988)[Melô do Maconheiro]
Tracklisting: A1- Ring My Phone (Vocal) B1- Ring My Phone (Instrumental Dub Mix)
Samuel – Open Your Eyes / Dont Set Me Free
Tracklisting: A1 Open Your Eyes (Extended Dance Mix) (7:41) A2 Open Your Eyes (Dub Version) (5:22) A3 Open Your Eyes (7″ Version) (4:12) B1 [...]
Thumbs & The Hoestiles – Let’s Get Started (Melô da Familia Adams) (1985)
Tracklist A Let’s Get Started “The Munster TV Theme” B Let’s Get Started “The Munster TV Theme” (Monster Dub)
Linear – Sending All My Love (1990)(Melô da verdade)
Tracklist A1- Sending All My Love (1990 Club Mix) (8:16) B1- Sending All my Love (1990 House Mix) (5:00) B2- Sending All My Love (Radio Mix) (3:52)
Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (1990)(Melô da promessa)
  Tracklisting: A1 Willie & Waseem – Promisse Me (Radio) A2 Willie & Waseem – Promise Me (Club Mix) B1 Willie & Waseem – [...]
Fresh Celeste & M4 Sers – Get It Boy (1987)
Tracklisting: A1 – Fresh Celeste & M4 Sers – Get It Boy (Radio Version) A2 – Fresh Celeste & M4 Sers – Get It Boy (X Rate) [...]
Dwayne Omarr – Save The Children (1985)
Tracklist A Save The Children B1 Save The Children (Dub) B2 Save The Children (Radio)
D.J. Laz – moments in bass (melô da eternidade)
Tracklist A1 Moments In Bass (Radio Mix) (4:07) A2 Moments In Dub (4:07) A3 Moments In Bass (Boomin’ Car System Mix) (4:08) B1 Moments In Bed (4:08) [...]
The Megatrons – Rock The Planet (1986)(melô da trovoada)
Tracklisting: A1- Rock the Planet A2- Rock the Planet (Edited Version) B1- Rock the Planet (Dub Version) B2- Rock the Planet (Bonus Beats)
Stevie B – Girl I Am Searching For You (1989)
Tracklist Girl I Am Searching For You (Album Version) Girl I Am Searching For You (Extended Mix) Searching For Your House: Part A (Subterranean Mix) [...]
Will To Power – Dreamin (1986) (melô da virgem)
Tracklist Dreamin (Dub Mix).mp3Dreamin (Manhattan Mix).mp3Dreamin (New Mix).mp3Dreamin(Instrumental).mp3
Stevie B – Funky Melody (1994)
Tracklist A1 Funky Melody (12″ Dance Mix) A2 Funky Melody (Single Version) B1 Funky Melody (Juanito’s Funky House Mix) Remix – Juanito* [...]
Style Posse – We Need Some Bass! / What Does It All Mean!(melô do peixe) (1988)
Tracklist Bass Side A1 We Need Some Bass! (Extended Bass Style) A2 We Need Some Bass! (Radio Style) A3 We Need Some Bass! (Basstrumental) Street Side B1 [...]
S.M.O.K.E.Y. D.E.E. & Grandmaster Love – Super Bass (1987)
  Tracklist A1- Super Bass  (Radio Version) A2- Super Bass  (Bass Dub Mix) B1- Super Bass  (Dub Mix)
Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom (melô do Arabe)(1984)
Tracklist A1 Electric Kingdom (Vocal Version) (6:44) A2 Electric Kingdom (Kingdom Version) (4:09) B1 Electric Kingdom (Radio Edit) (3:58) B2 Electric [...]