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Rock Force – I Wanna Be With You (Melô do sofredor)
Tracklist Rock Force – I Love You Rock Force – I Wanna be with you (Extended full mix)
Palmerforce Two – Street Wars (1984)
Tracklist A-Street Wars (Vocal Version) B-Street Wars (Dub Version)
Noel – Out Of Time (1988)
Tracklist A1 Out Of Time (Club Mix) A2 Out Of Time (R & B Mix) B1 Out Of Time (Instrumental) B2 Out Of Time (Dub Version)
Young & Restless – B-Girls (Melô do lobo mau I)
  Tracklist A1 Young & Restless – B-Girls (Radio) A2 Young & Restless – B Girls (Mark Mix) B1 Young & Restless – B Girls [...]
The Unknown D.J. – Basstronic
Tracklist A1 Basstronic A2 Bonus Beats B Basstronic (Instrumental)
Princess MC – Where The Dogs At (get busy) (Melô do Zé))
The Unknown D.J.and D.J. Slip – X-Men (Melô do telegrafo)
Tracklist A X-Men B1 X-Men (Instrumental) B2 X-Men (Bonus-X)
Robert S – Good as gold (1987)
Tracklist Robert S – Good as gold (Instrumental) Robert S.- Good as gold (Pony Down Version)
Diamond D Featuring Deryck “D” – Diamond Sez
Tracklist Boom Side A1 Diamond Sez (Club Mix) A2 Diamond Sez (Radio Mix) Beat Side B1 Diamond Sez (Instrumental Gem) B2 Diamond Sez (Deryck’s Beats) [...]
Cold City Crew – We Are Cold City & Nothing Like Hip Hop Music (Melô do natal II)
Tracklist A1- We Are Cold City (Vocal) A2- We Are Cold City (Instrumental) B1- Nothing Like Hip Hop Music (Vocal) B1- Nothing Like Hip Hop Music [...]
Stevie B – In My Eyes (1989)
Tracklist A1- In My Eyes (Radio Mix) A2- In My Eyes (In My House) A3- In My Eyes (Bonus Spooge) B1- In My Eyes (Dancing Eyes) B2- In My Eyes (Destiny [...]
Eddie B – Time To Rock The House II (Melô do maluco II)
  Tracklist A- Time To Rock The House II(vocal) B- Time To Rock The House II (Instrumental)
Joeski Love – Pee Wee Dance (melô do merengue)
Tracklist Pee Wee Dance (Vocal Long Version) Pee Wee Dance (Instrumental)
Bettina – Destiny >1990< (melô do destino)
Tracklist A1- Destiny_(Radio_Version) A2- Destiny_(T.G._Tunnel_Mix) B1- Destiny_(Loqueria_Mix) B2- Destiny (Vocal Ultimix) B3- Destiny (Dr. Edit Mix) [...]
The Mechanic – Sweat (melô da serpente)
Tracklist A- Sweat B- Sweat (Beats)
Nite and Dayy and The Money Prone Posse – Moving Up (Melô do Michael Jackson)
Tracklist A- Moving Up (Vocal) B- Moving Up (Instrumenta)
Paul Hardcastle – King Tut (Melô da Flauta Mágica)
Tracklist A1-King Tut (Remix) B1-King Tut (Melô da Flauta Mágica) King Tut (radio)
Willesden Dodgers – Jive Rhythm Trax
Tracklist A1 130 BPM A2 114 BPM A3 122 BPM A4 108 BPM B1 102 BPM B2 122 BPM B3 152 BPM B4 114 BPM
Newcleus ‎– Jam On It (1984)
Tracklist A- Jam On It (vocal)B- Jam On It (Instrumental)
D.J. Battlecat – DJ-N-Effect (1988)
Tracklist A DJ-N-Effect (Cuts & Scratched)B DJ-N-Effect (Cuts & Drums)  
Young & Restless – Poison Ivy (melo da venenosa)
Tracklist A1 Poison Ivy (Radio Version) A2 Poison Ivy (Street Mix) B1 Poison Ivy (E.G. Mix) B2 Poison Ivy (P-Man Mix)
Love Master Ace With Triple-S-Fee – Diseases (melo da bicha)
Tracklist A Diseases (Vocal Mix) B1 Diseases (B Side Mix) B2 Diseases (Accapella)
Spanish Fly – Precious (1991)(Melô da flexa)
Tracklist A1- Precious (Allnight Mix) (6:24) A2- Precious (Radio Mix) (5:00) B1- Precious (G-Bones Mix) (6:25) B2- Precious (Hip To Hip Mix) (6:22)
Freestyle – The Party Has Begun (1984)
Tracklist A The Party Has Begun B The Party Has Begun (Instrumental)
C.O.D. – In The Bottle (1983)
Tracklist A1- In The Bottle (vocal) B1- In The Bottle (Instrumental)
Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (1989)(Melô do Andróide)
  Tracklist A1 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (Bass Mix)A2 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (House Mix)A3 Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer [...]
Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic – (1982)(Melô da perereca II)
Tracklist A   Body Mechanic (Vocal) (6:58) B   Body Mechanic (Instrumental) (5:37
Beat Master Clay D. and Get Fresh Girls, The – I Seen Your Boyfriend (1990)(melô do tarado)
Tracklist A1 – I Seen Your Boyfriend – (Club Vocal)B1 – I Seen Your Boyfriend – (Dub)
Dr. Lateness And The Anticlocks – Rivers Of Passion
Tracklist A1 Rivers Of Passion (Drumapella) A2 Rivers Of Passion (Radio Mix) B Rivers Of Passion (Extended Club Mix)
Will To Power – Fading Away (1988)
Tracklist Fading away (Ultimix) Fading away (Big Beat Mix) Fading away (Big Single Mix) Fading Away (The Rhythm Dub)
Stevie B – Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (1989)
Tracklist A1 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Club Mix)A2 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Radio Mix)B1 Spring Love (Come Back To Me) (Dub)B2 Spring Love (Come [...]
Peter Fontaine – The Way She Looks At Me (1989)
Tracklist A1 The Way She Looks At Me (Pop Club) A2 The Way She Looks At Me (Pop Radio) A3 The Way She Looks At Me (Bonus Beats) B1 The Way She Looks At Me [...]
Late Night Magic – Scream Baybee & Lost In Bass (Melô das Meninas)
Tracklist A1 – Scream Baybee (Vocal) A2 – Scream Baybee (Instrumental) B1 – Lost In Bass (Vocal) B2 – Lost In Bass (Instrumental)
Special K – Poka Dot Bikini (melô do biquini)
À la affront de Sacy palais été douleur dentaire codeine petit la la poursuivirent [...]
Cameron Paul – Don’t Mess With My Mind (Melô da mamãe)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Club MixA2- Don’t Mess With My Mind_Bonus BeatsA3- Don’t Mess With My Mind_PercapellaB2- [...]
Sugar Style – Weekend Toiz (Melô da Freada)
Tracklist A1- Weekend Toiz (La Truck Mix) B1- Weekend Toiz (Radio Edit) B2- Weekend Toiz (Tail Gate Version) B3- Weekend Toiz (Hollywood BLVD Mix)
Anthony Thomas – Don’t Say Goodbye (Melô da despedida)
Tracklist A1- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Vocal Mix] A2- Don’t Say Goodbye [Powerhouse Radio Edit Mix] A3- Don’t Say Goodbye [...]
Rios Sisters – Are You Looking For Love (Melô da Sereia)
Tracklist A1- Are You Looking For Love (Club Version) A2- Are You Looking For Love (Freestyle Mix) A3- Are You Looking  For Love (Radio Mix) B1- Are You [...]
Beat Control – This Cut Is Def / So Live (Melô do Soldado)
Tracklist A1 – Beat Control – SkeezerA2 – Beat Control – This Cut Is DefB1 – Beat Control – So Live (Melô do Soldado)B2 [...]
Beat Dominator – 1-2-3-4-5-6 bass (1992)
  Tracklist A1- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (Turbo Kitchen Mix) A2- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (Express Mix) B1- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass (The Original) B2- 1-2-3-4-5-6 Bass [...]
gucci crew II – sally ”that girl (Melô do Bebado)
Tracklist A1- gucci crew – sally ”that girl (club mix) A2- gucci crew – sally ”that girl (radio mix) B1- gucci crew – sally [...]
Fila Fresh Crew – I Hate To Go To Work (Melô do Cuco)
Tracklist A- I Hate To Go To Work (vocal) B- I hate to go to work (instrumental)
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – The Challenge (melô do marimbondo)
Tracklist A- The Challenge (Vocal) B- The Challenge (Instrumental)
Stevie B – The Stevie B Megamix (1990)
Tracklist A1- The Stevie B Megamix A2-The Stevie B Megamix (Radio Version) B- Dreamin” Of The Nefertiti Love (Special Remix)
MC A.D.E – Da Train (1989) (melô da cuica)
Tracklist A1-MC A.D.E – Da’ Train (Vocal) A2- MC A.D.E – Hit Harder B1- MC A.D.E – Da’ Train (Extended Version)
3rd St. Magic – Realize (1989)
Tracklist A- 3 rd st magic – Realize (Vocal) B- 3 rd st magic – Realize (Instrumental)
Ray Guell – Just Another Lover (Melô do Príncipe)
Tracklist A1- Just Another Lover (Club Mix) A2- Just Another Lover (Radio Mix) A3- Just Another Lover (Drumapella) B1- Just Another Lover (Extended Mix) [...]
Two Def Mcees With The Big Time Posse – Gettin Busy (Melô do bambole)
Tracklist A1- Gettin’ Busy (Club Mix) A2- Gettin’ Busy (Kawikappella) B1- Gettin’ Busy (Instrumental) B2- Gettin’ Busy (Xtra Beats)
DJ Debonaire Featuring Tricky D – Get Silly (With The Muppet Bass) (Melô do Cabaré)
Tracklist A1- Get Silly (With The Muppet Bass).B1- Get Silly (With The Muppet Bass) Instrumental.
Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt (Melô do Ninja)
Tracklist A1- Egyptian Lover – Egypt, Egypt B1- Egyptian Lover – And My Beat Goes Boom B2- Egyptian Lover –  What Is A D.J. If He [...]
Debbie Deb – When I Hear Music (1983)
Tracklist A- When I Hear Music B- When I Hear Music (instr.)
Mantronix – Fresh Is The Word (Melô do Bonga)
Tracklist A- Fresh Is The Word B1- Fresh Is The Beat (Dub Version) B2- Fresh Is The Word (Radio Version)
The Nylons – Kiss Him Goodbye (Melô da Araruta)
Tracklist A- Kiss Him Goodbye (Mike Carrol Edit) B1- Kiss Him Goodbye (Instrumental Dub) B2- Kiss Him Goodbye  (Acappella)
MC Shy D – Rapp Will Never Die (Melô da pantera cor de rosa 1)
Tracklist A-Rapp Will Never Die (Vocal) B1-Rapp Will Never Die (Club Mix) B2-Rapp Will Never Die (Instrumental)
Chulito – Sacudete (1989)
Tracklist A1- Chulito – Sacudete [Vocal] B1- Chulito – Sacudete [Instrumental] B2- Chulito – Sacudete [Acapela]
Pretty Tony – Fix It In The Mix (Melô do quebra vidro 2)
Tracklist A- Fix It In The Mix (vocal) B- Fix It In The Mix (Instrumental)
Pretty Poison – Catch Me (I’m Falling) [Melô do poder]
Tracklist A1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (12″ Mix) A2- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dub Mix) B1- Catch Me (I’m Falling) (Dance Mix) B2- [...]
Maggotron – Welcome To The Planet Of Bass (Melô da Bagunça)
Tracklist A – Welcome To The Bass Planet (Radio Edit) B – Welcome To The Bass Planet (Extended Version) senha. williamdj
In-Dex – Now You’re Gone (Melô do Papai)
Tracklist A1 Now You’re Gone (YA-YA Mix) A2 Now You’re Gone (Rupert Bare Mix) B1 Now You’re Gone (Club-Mix) B2 Now You’re Gone (No [...]
Science Club – Depression (Melô do pesadelo)
Tracklist A1- Depression (Club Mix) A2- Depression (Basement Mix)
The Boys From The Bottom – Abusadora (Melô da Bicha loira)
Tracklist A1 Abusadora (DJ Laz Mix) A2 Abusadora (No Comedian Mix) B1 Abusadora (Lil Havanna Mix) B2 Mega Mix (DJ Wiz Mix)
Fresh Celeste & M-4 Sers* – Give It All To Me (melô das estrelas)
Tracklist 1- Give It All To Me (vocal) 2- Give It All To Me (Instrumental)
Def Rock Krew – Too Hot To Trot / Don’t Stop (1991) (Melô do Locha)
TracklistA1-Too Hot To Trot (Vocals)A2-Too Hot To Trot (Instrumental)B1-Don’t Stop (Vocals)B2-Don’t Stop (Instrumental)
Cash T., Kid Fresh, Mack E.L., D.J. K. Love – You Make Me Feel So Good (Melô do Gol II)
Tracklist A- You Make Me Feel So Good B- Let’s Go!!!
Next Generation – You’re A Tease (Melô do Titio)
Tracklist A1-You’re A Tease (Vocal Version) B1-You’re A Tease (Instrumental)
Raze – Bass Power (Melô da Macumbeira)
Tracklist A1   Bass Power (Extended) (5:24) A2   Bass Power (Radio) (4:22) A3   Bass Power (Acapella) (3:51) B1   Bass Power (Geoffrey C Edit) (7:23) B2   [...]
Maggotron – Coming Back To Bass (Melô da assombração)
Tracklist A1 Coming Back To Bass (Introductory Mix) A2 Pillow Talkin” Babydriving defense course programme. line-height: normal; orphans: 2; [...]
DJ Laz – Mami El Negro (Melô do Cubano)(1991)
Tracklist A1- Mami El Negro (Radio) A2- Mami El Negro (Vally Mix) B1- Mami El Negro (Club Mix) B2- Mami El Negro (Instrumental)
Elemento Creativo – Esta Caliente (Melô da Lambada)
Tracklist A1- Esta Caliente (version De Tv) B1- Esta Caliente (version Larga) B2- Esta Caliente (instrumental)
P.O.L.O. Crew – Polo’s In Effect (Melô do Velório)
Tracklist A1 Black Image (Wish Mix) A2 Black Image (Street Mix) B1 Polo’s In Effect (Bass Mix) B2 Polo’s In Effect (Double Oh-Oh Mix)
Matrix – Jam (It’s Time) (Melô do Terremoto)
Tracklist DJ Matrix – Jam (it’s Time) (Bass Beat) 6:10 DJ Matrix – Jam (It’s Time) 6:10
Linear – Sending All My Love (1990)(Melô da verdade)
Tracklist A1- Sending All My Love (1990 Club Mix) (8:16) B1- Sending All my Love (1990 House Mix) (5:00) B2- Sending All My Love (Radio Mix) (3:52)
Akeem The Dream & Hurt ‘Em Bad – The Unbeatable Dream(melô do papa-leguas)
Tracklist A1 The Unbeatable Dream (Vocal) B1 The Unbeatable Dream (Instrumental With Female Vocal) B2 The Unbeatable Dream (Instrumental Without Female Vocal)
Raw Dog – Hey Vikki & This Jam (melô da macumba II) (1991)
Tracklist A1 Hey Vikki (Vocal) A2 Hey Vikki (Instrumental) B1 This Jam (Vocal) B2 This Jam (Overtown Mix) B3 This Jam (Basshead Mix)
S.M.O.K.E.Y. D.E.E. & Grandmaster Love – Super Bass (1987)
  Tracklist A1- Super Bass  (Radio Version) A2- Super Bass  (Bass Dub Mix) B1- Super Bass  (Dub Mix)
The Dogs featuring Disco Rick – Your Mama’s On Crack Rock (Promotional Copy) (melô das crianças 1) 1991
Tracklist A1 Your Mama’s On Crack Rock A2 Your Mama’s On Crack Rock (Instrumental)
Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (1985)
Tracklist Paul Hardcastle – Forest Fire Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (12 Inc) Paul Hardcastle – Rain Forest (Sax Long Mix) Paul Hardcastle – Rain [...]
The Beat Boys – Who Rocks The Show (melô do circo)
Tracklist A Who Rocks The Show (Vocal) B Who Rocks The Show (Instrumental)
Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom (melô do Arabe)(1984)
Tracklist A1 Electric Kingdom (Vocal Version) (6:44) A2 Electric Kingdom (Kingdom Version) (4:09) B1 Electric Kingdom (Radio Edit) (3:58) B2 Electric [...]