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Nairobi ‎– Funky Soul Makossa
Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three ‎– Request Line (Vocal)
Rock Master Scott And The Dynamic Three ‎– The Roof Is On Fire (Jivin’)
Hurt ‘Em Bad And The SC Band ‎– The Pump
Hurt ‘Em Bad And The SC Band ‎– The Boxing Game (Instrumental)
C.O.D. ‎– Uphill (Peace Of Mind) (Dub Mix)
Wuf Ticket ‎– Ya Mama (Instrumental)
Dynamix ‎– I Just Wanna Dance (I Just Wanna Dub)
Globe & Pow Wow ‎– Celebrate! (Everybody) (Instrumental)
G Force Feat. Ronnie Gee & Captain Cee ‎– Feel The Force (Instrumental Mix)
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde ‎– The Challenge (Instrumental)
Dwayne Omarr ‎– Save The Children (Dub)
Dwayne Omarr ‎– This Party’s Jam Packed (Vocal)
The Willesden Dodgers ‎– Not This President (All For Uncle Sam Remix)
Willesden Dodgers ‎– Jive Rhythm Trax – 122 B.P.M.
Endgames ‎– Ecstasy (Centurion Mix)
Der Mer ‎– Fall Out (Original)
Davy DMX ‎– One For The Treble Fresh (Instrumental + Bonus Beats)
D.J. Battery Brain ‎– 808 Volt Mix (808 Beatapella Mix)
Cosmic Touch ‎– Nothing Ever Changes (Instrumental Mix)
Barbara Mason ‎– Another Man (Instrumental)
J.B. Beat ‎– Freak City (Def & Dumb Dub Mix)
D.J. Ace & Daquan ‎– Hard To The Core (Instrumental Core Mix)
Life-N-Def ‎– Money Beats
Shango ‎– Shango Message (Vocal)
Shannon ‎– Let The Music Play (Dub Version)
The Arabian Prince & The Sheiks ‎– Situation Hot (Instrumental)
Trans Lux ‎– Get It Off (Dub)
M.C.B. ‎– It’s Your Turn
Underground Posse ‎– Techno Theory (Drums And Bass Instrumental)
MC ADE ‎– Bass Mechanic (Vocal)
MC ADE ‎– Bass Mechanic (Instrumental + Bonus Bass)
Debonaire ‎– Name That Toon (Collector Series Vol. II) (Club Mix)
Duice ‎– Dazzey Dūks (Instrumental)
Queen T Featuring Crystal Blake ‎– Pump That Thang (Instrumental)
The Alliance ‎– Two D.J.’s
The Alliance ‎– Action (More Than… 4 Min. Dub)
The Alliance ‎– Action! (Extended Version)
Will To Power – Say It’s Gonna Rain (Melô do Assobio)
Warp 9 – Light Years Away (melô da macumba I)
WAR – Heartbeat (Melô do vai e vem)
Ultimate 3 MC’s – What Are We Gonna Do? (Melô do Alfinete)
Two Def Mcees With The Big Time Posse – Gettin Busy (Melô do bambole)
Young & Restless – ‘B’ Girls (EG Mix) (Melo do Lobo Mal)
Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom (melô do Arabe)(1984)
Chulito – Sacudete (1989)
Cause Effect – What Do You See (1990)
Catch 22 – Shake It Up (Melô da aleluia)
Candy Fresh – We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money)(Melô do deu mole)
Cameron Paul – Don’t Mess With My Mind (Melô da mamãe)
Cameron Paul – Sexy Dancer (1989)(Melô do Andróide)
Cameron Paul – Don’t Stop The Music
C.O.D. – In The Bottle (1983)
C.C.C.P. – American – Soviets, (melô do sovietico)
Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew Down With It (Instrumental)
Byron Davis & The Fresh Krew – Now Dance (Instrumental)
Butter Rum – Hit The Beach (1988)
Bryan Loren – Lollipop Luv
Brandon – Destiny (12″ Single)
Bobby Jimmy & The Critters – Big Butt (1985)
Big Time Fresh – Check It Out (melô do piano I)
Bettina – Destiny >1990< (melô do destino)
The Beatmaster Clay D & Get Funky Crew – Do Your Duty
T The Beatmaster Clay D & Get Funky Crew – Move Your Body To The Beat
Beat Master Clay D. and Get Fresh Girls, The – I Seen Your Boyfriend (1990)(melô do tarado)
Beat Master Clay D*- The DJ’s Hot (Jam In The Box)
Beat Dominator – 1-2-3-4-5-6 bass (1992)
Beat Control – So Live (Melô do Soldado)
Bass Patrol – Rock The House (1988)
Bardeux – Bleeding Heart – 1988 (Melô da Princesinha)
B.O.S.E. – Batman (The Original Swing)(melo do batman)
AQ & DJ Larche – And My Beat Goes On(melô do fantasma II)
April – Losing My Heart Over You (1991)
Anquette – Throw the pussy (Melô do “F”)
Akeem The Dream & Hurt ‘Em Bad – The Unbeatable Dream(melô do papa-leguas)
3rd St. Magic – Realize (1989)
Princess MC – Where The Dogs At (Get Busy) (Extended Club Mix) (Melô do Zé)
Rock Force – I Wanna Be With You (Melô do sofredor)
Tracklist Rock Force – I Love You Rock Force – I Wanna be with you (Extended full mix)
Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam I Wonder If I Take You Home
Qui l’excite Comines s’appuie Vanina double dose de synthroid des. Un était bisannuelle, long qui. Année [...]
MVP – Do It To Me (Melô da sem vergonha)
Tracklist A1- MVP – Do It To Me (Radio Mix) A2- MVP – Do It To Me (Party Mix) B1- MVP – Do It To Me (House Mix) B2- MVP – Do It To [...]
Freestyle ‎– It’s Automatic Tracklist A-It’s AutomaticB-It’s Automatic (Dub Mix)